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21 years old

United States

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Eyes Color: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Sexual Orientation: Straight
About Me: My name is Sadie Gabriella Lyons P: Nickname is Puddles. 16 ♥ Not emo, scene, goth, otaku, punk, or any stereo-type. I'm a mixture, yet none :D I'm myself ♥ Love Gloomy Bears :D They are wonderful♥ My Wonderland consists of blood, gore, gloomy bears, talking waffles, dark rooms, a purple sun(that doesnt burn yew-.-), and lil chocolate minions protecting their girs :D I am complicated, yet simple :b Love all sorts of music, introduce me to an awesome band and I'll love you for life(: I won't stick up for myself, I'm a lover not a fighter. But I'll sure as heck fight for my lovelies:3 You mess with my friends, you mess with the family. :I Don't mess with the family. Judge me all you want, hurt me, beat me, go ahead and try :D But nothing will break me down ever again!^^ I have the weirdest thoughts and dreams..
Here for: Friendship
Body type: Even More
Smoke: No
Alcool: No
Education: High School
Occupation: Music lover/Loser....YAY! Xp
Hobbies: Listening to music,
hanging with friends,
dancing alone,
& being me....
wheeee.. =3
.spins in chair.
Here's my e-mail if anyone wants to chat.. x.purple.starz.x@hotmail.com
Books: Burn
Howl's Moving Castle
Alice In Wonderland
Anything interesting, manga, ect.. :D
Movies: Sweeney Todd
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Alice In Wonderland
Ect...love anime, gore, and Tim Burton films.. ^___________^
Television: No T.V... D<
But I love anime..!
It's rare but...Scrubs!!
Family Guy!
Adult Swim!
Cartoon Network!
...Animal Planet!! XD
Music: Just about everything really...<3 But I loooooooove punk<3, screamo<3, metal<3, aaand techno<3! :D