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23 years old


Profile views: 185
Mood: Devil Devil
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Height: 166
Weight: 51 kg
Eyes Color: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Sexual Orientation: Straight
About Me: i'm ME!! from the Akatsuki Clan!! if you know what i mean....:)
Status: Single
Here for: Lyrics
Body type: Slim
Smoke: No
Alcool: No
Education: Master
Hobbies: experimenting with explosions, making chakra infused clay
Books: the day i killed james
diary of a wimpy kid
the last time i saw mother
Movies: Naruto Shippuden Bonds
Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
Television: Naruto Shippuden
Pokemon Advance -> Battle Frontier
Music: all songs from Owl City
Designer Skyline
Sky Sailing
If My Heart Was a House
Christmas Song
Strawberry Avalanche